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Special services offered by world's famous astrologer Sai Ram Astrologer
Sai Ram Astrologer is a distinguished astrologer in all over the world. Sai Ram Astrolger at Santhoshi Matha Astrology Centre provide a range of different services will solve your problems and provide answers to your questions. Our special services are Kundli Milan, Marriage Astrology, Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivaran, Manglik Dosha Nivaran,Graha Shanthi, getting your lost love back and get to know where your new love will take you. Our services are aimed at making your life peaceful, happier and more contented .
Services Offered By Sai Ram Astrologer
Kundali Milan

Kundli or Horoscope is the graph sketched by the time and place of birth of a person and taking into consideration the Nakshatras at the time of birth of a person . Kundli is unique to a person and predicts the events of one’s life. At the time of marriage the Kundli Milan of the boy and the girl is done to see the Guna Milap. The more the number of Guna or traits of a person matches with the other person the more compatible their marriage relation will be. Sai Ram Astrologer does perfect Kundli Milap for your son or daughters happy married life.

The prayer will take 5 days & will cost €301/-
Get Your Love Back

If you have lost the faith of your lover or he or she has distanced from you due to some misunderstanding or quarrel and you want him or her back in your life Sai Ram Astrologer will help you achieve that goal. Sai Ram Astrologer will do Puja for you which will remove the misunderstandings and points of disagreement between both of you. This Puja will also rekindle the love between both of you thus reuniting the loving pair.

The prayer will take 5 days & will cost €301/-
Rahu Ketu Dosha Shanthi

Rahu Ketu Dosh in a kundli of a person causes difficulties in the person’s life. A person having Rahu Ketu Dosh faces different type of difficulties in life such as health, financial and stress related problems. Certain Pujas done by an experienced Purohit help in Rahu Ketu Dosha shanthi and thus providing happiness and problem free life. Sai Ram Astrologer does Puja for Rahu Ketu Dosh Shanthi or Nivaran which help those people having this dosha in their Kundli lead a peaceful and happy life.

The prayer will take 5 days & will cost €301/-
Black Magic Removal

Some people tend to get a upper hand on others by using unprincipled ways of using Kaala Jadu or Black Magic. They deploy things like Voodoo, Witchcraft, Demonic Forces, Najar, Jin-Jadoo, Curse and Negativity. Sanjeev uses his psychic powers to protect you and your loved ones from these harmful effects. Sanjeev performs different powerful Pujas to ensure your safety and well being. These Pujas are very effectual and provide you protection for years to come, just not for a day or two. You will be saved from all ill forces and can lead a happy life without any fear.

The prayer will take 5 days & will cost €301/-
Marriage Astrology

Marriage Astrology by Sai Ram Astrologer gives answers to your unanswered questions about your own or your son or daughter’s marriage. When the marriage will take place, which is the best time period to get married, should you get married to a particular person or not, what is causing delay in your marriage, if you have more than one proposal which will be the best suited, etc. These questions and lot more trouble the mind of young and their parents. Sai Ram Astrolger will answer all your questions and give you a right direction.

The prayer will take 5 days & will cost €301/-

Some people have Manglik Dosha in their Kundli whenever Mars is situated in 1,4,7,8,12 house of their kundli .It is said that the Manglik Dosha effects the marital life of the person and of the person he or she is married to. Sai Ram Astrologer does Puja for you if you have Manglik Dosha in your kundli to lessen the effect of Manglik Dosha and thus decreasing the effects of this dosha on your personal and married life.

The prayer will take 5 days & will cost €301/-
Where does your new love takes you?

Fallen in love? Great! Still dubious where this new love of yours will take you? What ups and downs will this relationship take you through? Ask the expert. Sai Ram Astrologer, a renowned astrologer in Germany, will remove all your doubts and answer all your queries guided by his great spiritual powers. He will examine the traits of your lover ,match them with yours and foretell where your new relationship will land you. So get your doubts cleared by talking to Sai Ram Astrolger right now!

The prayer will take 5 days & will cost €301/-
Astrology Readings

How is your year ahead? Will the career graph grow or will it come down? Will you meet the love of your life this year? Will your business will reach overseas or you will thrive more in the local market. Which of your partnerships with other companies will be most profitable to? Any other similar questions? Just ask Sanjeev for an Astrology Reading right away. Sanjeev provides you with accurate and precise astrological readings for you to have an idea what is in store for you and you can plan ahead of time saving you from unnecessary efforts which waste your time, money and energy.

The prayer will take 5 days & will cost €301/-

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